Ventral Digital LLC is a research and consultancy firm currently specializing in Blockchain Security.

The term ventral (ven-truhl; of or relating to the venter or belly; abdominal.) is conventionally used in medical context. To us, it represents the excitement and seemingly endless flow of energy one experiences when both the intellectual and primal interests are in alignment.


Patrick Drotleff


Interested in everything related to Information Security, Self-Development, and freedom. Drawing inspiration from The Sovereign Individual, Patrick advocates for the development of key technologies that enhance privacy and decentralize trust and power.

Since 2021

Independent Security Researcher in Blockchain Security

  • Secureum Bootcamp Mentor and Epoch 0 alumni
  • Security Research Contractor at Spearbit
  • Audited projects such as Cozy Finance, Paladin, Art Gobblers, and SushiSwap
  • Consultant/vCISO for Optimism's Bedrock upgrade
2018 - 2021

Freelance Senior Backend/DevOps Engineer

  • Technologies: AWS, Azure, Kubernetes
  • Specialized in refactoring, migration, and design of SaaS APIs with cloud services
  • Organized company internal CTF challenges for developers
2016 - 2018

SaaS/JS Senior Backend Developer, DevOps, full-time @ maloon GmbH

  • Technologies: ELK Stack
  • Specialized in research, prototyping, and quality/security reviews
  • Responsible for evaluation of applicant developers
2013 - 2016

SaaS/JS Backend Developer, DevOps, part-time student @ maloon GmbH

  • Technologies: CoffeeScript, JavaScript, TypeScript, MongoDB, NodeJS, MongoDB, ElasticSearch, RabbitMQ, Redis
  • Implemented data synchronization services between various databases
  • Implemented web crawlers for sales lead generation processes
2011 - 2013

Drupal/PHP Developer, DevOps, part-time student @ maloon GmbH

  • Technologies: Drupal, PHP, nginx, Apache2 (SUExec), haproxy, LXC
  • Research & Development of Social Media synchronization MVPs
  • Mentor in the Drupal Community and responsible for security/quality reviews of contributed plugins
  • Created various online tools, such as simplytest.me, easing the testing and review of Drupal patches and modules

Started Bachelor of Science in Information Technology @ TH Ingolstadt

  • Technologies: LaTeX, JavaScript, PHP, Perl, Java, C, Assembly, WebGL, SQL, GWT, LUA
  • Game design with Löve engine, mobile game optimization
  • Thesis on SaaS API design

Guest Writers


Norman, a recent graduate from the University of Wisconsin with a degree in Mathematics, has distinguished himself as an independent auditor. He has won 3 Code4rena bounties in a roll during his college years. Currently, Norman is interning at Movebit, a leading audit firm in Sui and Aptos ecosystems. With a great passion for blockchain, Norman is honing his skills as an auditor to secure the web3 ecosystem.


Darren Chapman


Darren has almost 20 years of experience in IT within the Banking Industry and holds certifications from IBM, SAP, and Sun Micro Systems. Darren currently specializes in the IBM Middleware stack, developing integration solutions in numerous technologies. After deciding to follow a life-long interest in security, he gained the PNPT certification from TCM Security. With his found passion for blockchain, Darren is honing his skills as an auditor to contribute to the vibrant world of Web3.